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COVID-19 Mobile Testing

Our Mission:

We support the UK economy recovery by building public confidence, and certainty.

COVID-19 testing empowers us all to make informed decisions about our lives, and places of work.

It gives us all the confidence to return to normality, and enables our moral obligation to safeguard and protect each other.

All delivered by ex-Service personnel you can trust.

XF Medical plays an integral part in fighting the pandemic by providing reliable testing that is essential to trace and contain the spread of SARS-CoV2: the virus that causes COVID-19.

Whether your place is a workplace, an event venue, a place of education, or a place for that special occasion - XF Medical plays a key role in providing fast, accurate and regular testing which enables employers and event organisers to:

  • Create and maintain COVID safe environments to work or socialise.
  • Take informed public health decisions using recent, relevant health information.
  • Protect the health and safety of everyone in that locale.
  • Provide confidence to local communities that steps are being taken to protect them and the people around them.
Our key message is test, test, test...
Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus - WHO Director General
This is the next generation of antibody test, giving rapid laboratory level results on a persons antibody status, in around ten minutes…
Robert Hutchins - Chief Medical Officer - XF Medical Limited

We offer fast and reliable antibody tests to businesses (B2B) around the UK from our network of sterile mobile testing units.

Our service allows a rapid assessment of COVID-19 status, in around 10 minutes. This combined with appropriate management guidelines can keep transmission levels down and populations safe.

We enable you to manage a COVID safe return to work, to competition, or studies: and to restore confidence in your life.

Together we can beat Coronavirus.

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