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COVID-19 Mobile Testing

Client Benefits Explained - Restoring Confidence and Certainty

Antibody testing data is invaluable for risk assessment and helping take necessary actions to minimise the spread of the virus. We believe the data can be used in conjunction with the current government guidelines to develop robust clinical strategies to safeguard employees, clients, visitors, spectators, students and customers and many other cohorts.

We provide a unique service to accommodate for individual client needs and requirements.

Case Study: University Campus

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COVID-19 has caused the closure of university campuses around the world and the impact of this on the academic community is profound.

Onsite antibody testing for both staff and students is an effective mechanism for the Board of Governors to use in helping make necessary decisions to minimise the spread of the virus.

Offering access to an on campus antibody testing centre from the first week of term and with a semester long testing regime makes the students and staff feel safer when returning to campus and also demonstrate their health and safety is a priority.

Case Study: Sporting Events

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The spread of coronavirus has affected the staging of sporting events around the world.

Our mobile service supports sport organisations to deliver a COVID safe return to organised training and competition for their athletes, competitors and team staff.

Immediate results enable the teams and the competition organises to make timely decisions to ensure impact on schedules is minimised.

Case Study: Corporate and Manufacturing

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Returning employees safely back to the workplace is an enormous challenge, and requires modification to the work environment, employee behaviour, and alterations to infrastructure.

Employees feel safer when they return to work and know that their health and safety is a priority for you.

The regular testing services we provide, enable management teams to make better decisions, for the future in the post-COVID World. Our test data helps for planning operational resilience, managing possible future waves of the pandemic: and for the protection of the most vulnerable employees.

COVID-19 will undoubtedly have a significant impact on business for some time. The sooner you can get your employees back into the workplace and keep them there safely and with confidence, the better.

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